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Beschreibung: Tormentida

The world of Tormentida can only be found be those who know exactly how to sail there. That's also the case if you want to leave that world. It is a caribbean based world where the pirates mostly live of entering merchant ships that sail between Banoi, Cascara, Pelegosa and Puerto D’Oro. There is also a tribal island called Isla Del Sanguine. This island is inhabited by a mysterious voodoo tribe. Las Encendidas and the Sunken Reef Islands are natural protections for Isla Del Chubasco because of its many shallow waters, reefs and sandbanks. A protection the pirates of Isla Del Chubasco appreciate a lot. A lot of ships who deviate from the traditional sailing routes also get stuck at the shallow waters of Las Encendidas and the Sunken Reef Islands and automatically become an easy prey for pirates. That's why the merchants usually sail in the southern parts of this world and try to avoid the northern part of this world. Isla Del Chubasco has native tribes living in its dense jungle, but most of its population are pirates. Since pirates discovered this island about 50 years ago they kind of took over the beaches of the island. Although pirates are feared in many worlds, on Isla Del Chubasco there is a relative peaceful vibe. The natives don't mostly stay in the jungle and the Pirates stay mostly in the beaches.
The sunken reef Islands and Las Encendidas are unpopulated though you might find some small temporarily pirate camps on those islands from time to time.
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